Clique Slim


The Clique Slim stores your cards unlike any other wallet. Beautifully engineered with superior functionality. Don't let the simplicity of The Clique Slim deceive you. It is designed to function smoothly, without effort, without repair or replacement.



-NO elastic bands or O-rings that will eventually weaken and break, requiring an exact replacement to be found. No need to keep extra supplies just to be sure you wallet will work the next day.

-NO messing with constantly fighting the stretch tension of elastic or O-rings to try to insert or access your cards and bills. You don’t need to practice and practice to get just the “right” finger techniques to open the wallet and avoid being embarrassed at the checkout counter.

-NO more dealing with protruding rubber O-rings, elastics or rubber bands that are difficult to smoothly slide into your jean or carry bag pockets. The rubbery surfaces tend to grip onto fabric while inserting or taking out the wallet. This is a daily action which quickly becomes frustrating.

-NO screws that will come unscrewed and be lost as has been reported with other wallet designs. Once the tiny screw is lost, where do you find a replacement? Do you need to keep a small jar of screws somewhere at home “just in case”?

Designing a wallet from a single piece of aluminum was much harder than creating a wallet assembled from multiple parts. However, in order to avoid the issues listed above, we found it was absolutely necessary. As a result, using The Clique Slim is a smooth and pleasant experience.

Additional information

Base Color

Carbon Black, Titanium Gray, Champagne Gold, Cherry Red, Berry Blue

Strap Color

Black, Gray


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